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Hi, I'm Boss Jr., and my loneliness was really starting to get to me so well long story short, now I'm here.

I don't really know what to say about myself except that I'm turning 23 next month and honestly I hate it. I despise the idea of being 23 at this stage in my life because I haven't accomplished anything yet. I haven't done a single thing worth doing and it bothers me.

I don't have any friends.... not even any "kind of" friends. And it sucks. I'm really secluded right now to the point where I've even entertained a fantasy where I'm stranded on a deserted island all alone. Or at least that's how it feals.

I'm just stuck and I guess I really need to vent, that's all.
Welcome to the forums boss.
i know exactly how you feel, im 28 and feel the same way.

Welcome to the site. Smile
Hi boss, and welcome Smile
Welcome to the site Boss
Hey, and welcome.
Hi, Boss. Sometimes I feel that same way. I'm turning 24 recently and I feel like maybe I should have accomplished more stuff. Not to mention that I thought I had this big group of friends that I eventually realized weren't such great friends at all. It's like being back at square one! Maybe through this forum you'll make some new friends and you'll find ways not to feel stuck anymore.
HiSmile I have 0 friends too and accomplished nothing too.