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I'm used to this type of furom style, so posting here will seem familiar if anyone has ever been to dreamviews.com

Well, I guess I'm signing up to have some sort of communication with some kind of community. I used to have one that I was very active in until I got a girlfriend which I thought would be my partner in life. But things aren't turning out so well, mostly because I'm very unusual and somewhat anti-social (which I've been improving in recently) also I'm a loner but I wish not to be one, but it seems to be my character no matter what I do and it effects the way I socialize with others who are important in my life. Anyways, this looks like a great place to chat about things and get some great feedback.
Welcome to the site.
Hi IVIZ Smile
i am a loner, so what, try to enjoy it, dont give in the fear, dont let others people digust get into you, i always absorbed it and i still do from time to time. we are what we are, and if there would be a planet, it woould have the name zanzibar
Hi Smile
hey and welcome