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Full Version: International Fight Loneliness Day
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Hi everyone,

I am Peter.
A friend of mine, took the initiative to set up a worldwide day to encourage all people suffering ANY KIND of loneliness. Maybe you can help out by spreading the word?

NOTE: this is a non-profit initiative. It is all about making people aware and spreading a postive message.

28th of August 2010 - The 'International Fight Loneliness Day' is a day on which we want to give the 'Lonely people'all over the world, some POSITIVE incouragement.
Just to let them know they're not alone. Let's reach out!
And keep sharing that love!

Join us at Facebook. Join the movement. Spread love.


Share this movie on your wall with everyone outhere !
Don't ignore. Make a difference.


Good idea, but you smell suspiciously like SPAAAAAAM.

btw, Facebutt is an evil, hairy hoar's tit. Toungue

But welcome to the site.
Am behind anyone that's gonna help ppl that feel lonely.

Am post the vid you gave the link to for you.

(06-07-2010, 05:21 PM)peter.098 Wrote: [ -> ]

The FB link was not found thoghe Sad

Hopefully your not just a spammer.
you actually come across as your not..

Much love back Smile

PS this is the link that works to the FB page.

Also be nice if a mod could edit the original posters post so he's link works.
Thanks for welcoming me :-)
@Blue: thanks for support and the link that works! ;-)
Your welcome Smile