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Full Version: Home Alone................again
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Hi. It was hard to write this because I didn't want to admit that I was lonely but I must be if google has lead me here. I have 2 small kids and they are sleeping...and a husband but he works all day and then..oh yay!..plays in a band at night. I feel like I have lost my whole life. I spend all my time with the kids and rarely get to interact with adults. I am feeling isolated Sad.....

Sorry for being a downer but I guess I am having a blue night.
Welcome to the site Brinkley Smile Come check out the chat room if you feel like it.

Hi and welcome. You're not being a downer... you've come to the right place! Smile
Thanks but I dont know if I am ready for chatting yet, lol. I am just tired of knowing that every night i am going to be sitting here. Alone. With technology as my only friend...tv, computer, DVD. Ugh! No plans for tomorrow either other than the same old schedule. Get up get kids to school keep the well oiled machine that is my household running so that my husband can continue to be out of the house. I can't blame this all on him as I have allowed it to become "this".....I just have realized that I need to get out but dont know hom
Welcome to the site Brinkley.
Hi Brinkley Smile
Hi Brinkley. I think the biggest thing to do is have an open conversation about your feelings with your husband, and since he has no problem going out every night you guys can work out something with going out together and meeting other couples, and getting the know other women that way to hang out with. Welcome and nice to meet you. Smile
theres nothing wrong with that, dam i wish i had kids around me, this place where i am is like a cemetery, with nobody but my mirror image, i fucking hate him