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Full Version: Greetings.
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Hey Everyone,

Another addition to the lonely society.

I'm 30 years old, I've been lonely for the vast majority of my life so I actually feel as if I'm destined to be alone.

I have about 3 people i regard as friends, I see them as friends because they've been there for me when I've really needed them. But then again, I hardly ever see them, they don't seem to call or text unless i take the initiative.

I registered with this site a while back, but I've now decided to post regularly, hopefully something good results from that decision.

One of the reasons I'm always alone is the fact that I'm someone who suffers from anxiety. I'm also very shy and speech impaired which makes making new friends so much more difficult. I avoid social activities like the plague.

Anyway, this is not a poor me post, just an introduction.

I hope what we're going through is temporary.


welcome^^, it's good that you decided to post Big Grin
Welcome Smile


Hey, Toney, and welcome. Smile
Hey, and welcome.
Hi toney, welcome. Smile hope you enjoy the site!
Hello. Welcome. I hope you enjoy it here.
Welcome. Smile
hey and welcome
Hello, It is "Nice and Sad" to see other people being lonesome, nice because I don't feel alone and sad because I know the feeling...
Anyways I'm Max and hope to have a nice conversation with all the lonely fellows in this forums.
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