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i too am glad/hopeful that i have found this forum. sharing my story, i'm 48, divorced since january...and feel very lonely most of my days...somewhere along the way, i feel like i lost the ability to make friends. i've thought about this a lot over the years. i've always been a very close, small group of friends kind of person. you could not find a more loyal friend who'd be willing to take a bullet for you. complicating this is for some reason, i don't have any interest in having friends who are not women..and no, i'm not gay, trust meSmile i just find women more interesting to talk to, no insult intended to any men. the irony in all this is in november, i met a woman who is the love of my life..we both have gone through and supported each other through separation in our marriages as friends, then as lovers which we still are...but we are clearly at different stages...she wanting to ..and it's hard for me to even write, feel single again. i am quite happy to be here guy, even though we both want our own houses, space. she was madly in love with me in march and then in april, her husband moved out..and she changed...i'm trying to give her space and be patient. when we are together, it's great. when we aren't, i miss her terribly and wish she loved me the way she did back in march. i'm lonely,hurting inside and just don't know how to escape it. when i read the emails she sent me when she was on vacation in cuba in march, it makes me cry..she missed me so much and i her. and how's that for a cheery start[/align]
Hey, and welcome.
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thank you all
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