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Hi, I'm Cara, 16, live in England.

I've been dealing with loneliness for a long time except I think I never really accepted that that's what it was until fairly recently. There are a lot of other problems with me and stuff but I'll keep to this because that's what this forum's about.

It's just...no matter what, I always feel so alone. I never used to be like this. But gradually over the years I lost my trust in people and ever since then I've started destroying any possibility of forging any kind of proper, normal relationship. Whether friendly, familial, romantic...

I just don't have anyone. I feel so removed and distant from others. I live in my head and it's like I can't get out. As soon as someone comes into my life and I get this slight feeling like maybe, maybe I could let them in, they leave, or do something to prove me wrong. And completely up the guard goes again. I feel like I'm just sleepwalking through my life. I'm in this bubble that separates me from everyone else and I don't understand why or how to get out.

I just feel like nobody cares, and why would they? I don't have anything to give. I try not to feel sorry for myself most of the time but this is one of those moments where I give in, and that's how I found this forum.

I don't know how to describe it, I find it hard...but I think I'll finish this now, don't wanna go on forever.

I hope I can talk to people on here that relate to this.


hi Big Grin welcome to ALL
Hey Cara. I hope you find what you're looking for in the forum. Can't say that I feel exactly like you but sometimes I have wondered similar things. I'll be sending you a message. Smile
Hi Cara Smile
hey and welcome
Welcome Cara Smile
my lifes been like this since forever and im 24, it just that we are physicaly challenged for other people, and they dont understand, so i guess we have to live wit it , loneliness, or get plastic surgery, which i have been think about alot, but i dont have the proper money for it
HiSmile I'm the same.