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Full Version: Hey all...am a virgin to this site so be gentle
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OWWWW!!!! You opened my thread too forcefully. Hmmmph...didn't even buy me dinner first.
Ok...that was lame. Moving on.

Just the usual hi and howdy do to everybody. I have some of my issues and interests on my profile page thingy. I'll just let people check there instead of boring people in two places.

Any other Virginia people on here????? Not looking for an address or anything. Just want to know if it's gonna be another website where everybody is hopelessly far away. It just gets very tiresome if you know what I mean. Anybody is welcome though. 'Twould just be nice to connect with someone close. Just feels really isolated these days.

Ummmm...can't think of anything else to say for an intro. Sooooo...any questions???? I'll write back and try to answer themBig Grin. Shared interests??? Even better!!!

Take care everybody.
Hi GashuBoyPatrick and welcome here Smile
Hi GashuBoyPatrick Smile
Thanks all fer the welcomes!!!


Hi, and welcome. Smile
(06-14-2010, 08:44 AM)EveWasFramed Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, and welcome. Smile

Love your screen name & avatar hun! Thanks for the welcome. Sighhh...am hoping I'll fit in here at least partially. I just never really share that much with too many people. Am too much of an oddball I guess.
Welcome to the site. (D)
hey and welcome. im in virginia. i know what you mean about being the oddball, thats how i feel most of the time. the one that doesnt fit in with the rest.
Welcome to the forums Smile
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