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I moved back to the area where I grew up after graduating college...and I've never felt so lonely before. Im in my second year of law school so I don't really ever have a spare hour of free time, but now that it's summer im going crazy. I haven't had a girlfriend for over a year, I either pushed away or lost all my friends from home (most never went off to college and got involved in drugs) and I just have absolutely nothing to do. I just feel helpless and have no one to turn to.
Hi supra934. Welcome to ALL Smile


Welcome to ALL!
Good on you for working hard at law school.
Summer is definitely a way to kick in those type of feelings; with everyone being out and about and all.
With that said, if you ever need to talk to anyone; we're all ears. (:
Take care.
hey and welcome
Welcome to the forum.


Hey^^ welcomeBig Grin
Hey, and welcome.


Hey there, and welcome. Smile

Supra...as in a Toyota? If so, +5. Big Grin
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