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gosh.. i cant imagine myself being here.. i am so lonely. even though i have friends, im still lonely. i am looking for someone.. someone who can make me feel like im being loved and cherished.. email me. cathyfajardo@yahoo.com
Hi Lonesome Tonight

Welcome to the forum, I hope that you find what your looking for here and wish you well.Smile


It is a hard thing how even having friends sometimes is really not enough to pull you out of your lonliness. I know that feeling. Sometimes I find myself fighting being a good friend (answering the phone) and feeling so miserable I don't want to talk to anyone.

Some of this consoling will have to somehow come out of yourself and then I think the friends will help you feel more cherished too. I imagine you are asking to be cherished in the romantic sense...and that is a real feeling we all hope to have. Sadly I don't think there is one person that can pour enough into us if we aren't settled in ourselves.

When you say you can't imagine yourself being here do you mean on these boards or do you mean in your life?