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i live in arizona, my family lives in Illinois. while we have a good relationship i don't mind them being far away. i live with my boyfriend of 3 years, he's a very nice guy. i don't have any friends though. i have always been shy and weird. i've never had trouble with romantic relationships just friendships.

i lived and worked at a national park for 3 years, where i made a wonderful group of friends for the first time in my life but they slowly moved away and so did i eventually. thats just how it goes in the parks.

i'm 24 and going back to school but it is hard to meet people at community college, i'm hoping when i finish and get into nursing school, or NAU (whichever i decide) ill make friends there.

i have traveled extensively with my family and by myself. i hiked 700 miles of the appellation trail, hitchhiked the 101, worked on a farm in Hawaii, gutted fish in alaska. the goal of most of that travailing was to become a stronger, less shy, person. it sorta worked.

i like hiking and biking, but i'm lazy and need external motivation. i like reading and writing, knitting and crocheting. I'm taking ASL (which i recommend to all shy people) it has helped me learn to read body language and not speaking appeals to me. my life is pretty good but i have been sad and lonely as long as i can remember.
hey and welcome
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