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Hey whats going on? Im Jay. A dude from NYC, Im 22, in college for a degree Advertising and Design.

What does it mean when you dont care about anything anymore. When you look outside at a sunrise and take no pleasure from it. When you wake up and see that the sky is gray and has been for a long time. When you tell people that theres nothing to do with no one to do it with, and all they do is tell you to "stop bitching and do something about it".
What does anything mean anymore?

People tell me Imma likable guy and that I have lots of good qualities. Yet.....in this craphole of a city despite all the people and my open mindedness, i can find no one who wants to be a Friend. Most of the people I run into are all fake.
I luckily stumbed upon this and Im glad that there are a network of people that feel similarly to what I feel that all act as a community and help one another out.
I hope I find the same kindness the others have been shown here.
welcome home

i feel the way you feel a lot of times but i try to remember that the kids who are are usually just waiting for someone to break down their walls a bit

no one's REALLY fake. we're all human.
Aww, cmon you know what I mean by fake.


Hi and welcome Niceness. This is a nice community and there are plenty of good folks around.
Hey thanx, Lets hope you're right
hey and welcome


Welcome. Smile


Hi there, and welcome. Smile
(08-24-2010, 04:32 AM)TheNiceness Wrote: [ -> ]Aww, cmon you know what I mean by fake.

yes i do, but idk i think everyone has some good to them lol, and i think its foolish to dismiss someone so easily, especially when you're in need of friends so desperately.
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