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I came accross this forum and have been lurking for a couple of days.

Well, I've always been a lonely person but it seems to have hit me especially hard this past week for some reason. I am in my mid twenties and have always been very shy. I'm really bad at making new friends, probably from having a tendency to withdraw form people. I have a girlfriend and that area never has been a problem, It's just making regular friends for some reason.

Anyway this Forum seems like a good way to meet alot of interesting new people.Smile
Welcome to the site. Smile


Hey, and welcome Smile

lol, nice Goonies reference, by the way. :p
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome, you're in good hands here.
Greetings and welcome! You'll find friendly people here, I guarantee it!
Hi and welcome to the forums chester_copperpot!! Smile
hey and welcome
hello there
welcome home
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