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I cant believe I found this forum....................

I am 30 yr old girl, with no friends and very little family.

I found my 30 birthday very difficult as I thought (as a kid) that my life would be sorted by then, married to the perfect man with some kiddies. But life has a way of playing some nasty games on you!!
I find it very difficult to meet people possibility due to been bullied in the past.

anyway I just thought I would say hi Smile

Welcome to the site. Smile
Hi Molly999 and welcome to the forum! Smile


hi Smile

I just turned 30 last month, and it wasnt pretty.

Dont feel bad for not finding yourself yet. Sometimes it takes people longer than others.

I've been finding that Im getting more "extreme" with age.

By the time Im 40 Ill probably be lighting stuff on fire and spitting in peoples faces.

Im joking. I think. Lets hope im joking.

i know how you feel as i am less than a year and a half away from the big 3 0 myself. never been romantically invlolved with anyone and all close friends that i have had since high school are gone. welcome.
Welcome to the forum Molly.

I however passed the big 30 a few years ago. No kids in sight either and no romantic interest. Back living with my parents, which is a positive aspect of my life. A couple of friends and a few acquaintances and thats it.
Hullo Molly,
i around the corner from 68,
lots of ups and downs,
remember to be positively positive
and NOT positively negative.
Life is a gift to be shared and enjoyed
30 is a hard one to hit, isn't it? We get all of these expectations for our "grown up life" and then POW! You hit 30 and you're not there yet. It's okay! Just means you're a little bit closer to those goals than you were when you were 29.
Hello there Smile

There's way too much stuff that doesn't work as it was supposed to in life including marriage and kids so don't worry too much.
i know you feel to an extent. 24 is a really scary number.
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