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Full Version: Hello from New York
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I'm male, 23 in a few days (the 29th) and I don't have any way to meet new people right now... I'm sort of in a few months more of limbo... I don't have a job because I'm going back to school in 4 months, and I lost a good number of friends/acquaintances due to a schizophrenic episode a couple of months back.

I wish I could find a girl for me, but since I've been through a lot I think its extra hard to find someone that will understand me. (Plus being broke and unemployed doesn't help.) When I was schizo I covered half of my body with tattoos, how awkward to wake up to sanity a different person physically!

Just recently I've been waking up to what a normal life is, calm, kind of boring, but it has some sort of satisfaction to it if you're virtuously patient. I hope in a few years I can be some kind of successful instead of feeling like I do.

I'm looking forward to meeting people on this site and being a part of a lonely life.
Welcome to the site Smile I think you'll find that people here are very understanding and friendly. Pm me anytime!
welcome home

im around your age too.
Welcome Betterconsiousness, you're going to fit in just fine here. Also, you already are successful - you succeeded in overcoming a serious phycological disorder, and I'm sure that if you can overcome that - you can overcome finding yourself a partner.

Talk to you soon man.


Welcome. Smile


Hi there, and welcome. Smile
Welcome to the site.
Welcome Smile
Hi and welcome to the site betterconsciousness!! Smile