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Hi everyone, I guess creating a thread is the preferred way for new people to introduce themselves here, so here goes. Anyways, I've dealt with things like shyness, anxiety, loneliness, and feelings of inferiority since elementary school. I was never really bullied there, but often ignored, and excluded. This experience is probably miniscule compared to what others on here have had to deal with, but I carried these insecurities with me right through high school and they impaired my ability to get involved and make friends during what is usually such a defining time in people's lives.

My dream is to one day lead a contented life, have a fulfilling career and be surrounded by supportive people who understand and accept me. I'm not where I want to be yet but I feel I have made great strides the last few years since I left high school, and I hope to continue doing so. People on here seem to offer lots of encouragement so I'm sure this forum will be a great help to my "quest."

Cheers Smile
Hi Introv and welcome to the forums!!

I'm pretty sure this forum will help you with something Smile
Welcome to the site.
It is great that you feel that you are making progress Smile
welcome home!


Hey, welcome Smile
Hi there.
i know exactly how you feel. i have carried the same thing since my younger years and now feel that i missed out on a lot of things i should have experienced in my younger years. anyway, welcome.
(08-27-2010, 02:30 AM)Wandering stranger Wrote: [ -> ]If you want to have a life like that you have to fight for it and make it yourself, never stop fighting.

Yeah, man. That's exactly what I've been trying to do these last few years and hope to keep doing. Thanks to everyone for the kind welcomes.