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Full Version: Hello everyone :)
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I'm a 17 year old girl in the States. I've always struggled with mental health problems, but lately the loneliness is tremendous. I've recently lost most of the very few friends I have ( all of which are online ). Made a facebook at the urging of a friend, and it's just depressing; a physical reminder of the fact that I barely have any company. I wish I wasn't alone as much, but it's not like I can just walk down to the friend store. lol Not really sure what I hope to achieve here, but I figured I've give it a shot.
Hi SRT and welcome to the forums!! Smile
Welcome to the site. Smile


Hey SRT welcome to the forum

*hugs* Big Grin

oh I'm sorry about facebook I am well familiar with the feeling of loneliness that ensues

I was really lonely and in a similar situation when I was seventeen the only friends I had were online, but they really helped me make it through the hard times.

It's a very trying time of your life but you'll make it through


Big Grin
Welcome SRT Smile
Hello and welcome to the site. If you are here to make friends and especially like-minded ones, you've come to the right place for most of the people here are suffering or have suffered from loneliness at some point in their lives. And I don't if that's supposed to comfort you but I have closed my facebook account recently as I have only a few friends too. Smile
welcome home
hey and welcome
Welcome hope you find what your looking for.
you know - friend stores are a bloody good idea Smile