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Hello future friends. I'm 23 years old and reside in Louisiana. I was once a social success with more friends than whose names I could actually recall. As I matured, one by one those friends began to disappear until one day, I looked around and no one could be found. I tried to grasp what had happened and tried my best to remain in contact, but my efforts bore no fruit.

Now I am married with children and work hard to provide them with a descent living. I have regressed from a social butterfly to a lonely caterpillar. I no longer care to spend time with anyone other than those in my family, but all too often I feel as though I have no one to talk to. This is just one of my many Pair-O-Dox. I'm also an optimist, though I feel sad quite often. I'm known by everyone as "The Nice Guy", which I don't mind at all, but it often leaves me feeling like a doormat on a rainy day. Despite it all, I will continue to smile and I hope to make some social progress here. It's nice to meet others that can understand.
Welcome to the site. Smile
hey and welcome
Hi and welcome to the forums Pair-O-Dox!! Smile
Lmao I m pretty amused that you are following the manga Wandering stranger and you have a nice Kisame avi there Pair o Dox. Welcome to forum
Welcome to the forum.
Hello! I love your avatar
Welcome, cool name by the way.
Thanks for the welcome everyone! And yes, I am an anime/manga fan.
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