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Full Version: Lonely at night time
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Sad Night time always make me feeling very lonely, I try to occupy my mind with funny stuff on You-tube, but the emptiness and the loneliness inside is killing me. I am also suffering from depression. So it not a good combinationSad
The pain inside is eating me from the inside. I am currently in therapy, but the loneliness inside is just so strong that i can't escape. I don't know what to do.
Unfortunately, loneliness and depression go hand in hand. Our loneliness makes us feel depressed and being depressed often results in loneliness b/c people avoid us. It sounds like you are really trying to do something about it by finding funny stuff on You tube. Do you like watching funny DVDs? Night time can be the most difficult part of the day.
Nighttime can be the worst part for lonliness/depression because it's just you and your thoughts until you fall asleep. Problem is sometimes your thoughts can keep you awake. And staying awake thinking depressing thoughts usually only makes things worse.

I agree with Venetia, occupy your mind with movies. Throw a movie on when you're checking into beddie bye station :p. Maybe try those "sounds of rain on an ocean" tracks...they're pretty soothing (at least I think so). That way your mind is occupied and you wont feel as lonely/depressed.
Maybe read a book too! If you find the right book, you could literally get lost in it for hours (I know, it sounds cheesy.)

If you need someone to talk to at night when you get lonely, you can always PM me.
i know how you feel. im glad i found the chat room for this site. but when i lay down to sleep my mind always wanders and sometimes i think of sad stuff. i just cant help it.
Wow I'm surprised at how many people feel the same way and at the same time xD If I ever get a feeling of loneliness it's usually always at night or when I'm coming home from school which is usually at 5 in the evening. I usually just play video games to keep me distracted. Books work well too.
The pet is a wonderful idea if you like dogs they are wonderful companions. Whenever I'm having a bad day my baby(dog) lays down with me and ask me to pet her. I think she senses when things are not going the way I like.
I was also going to suggest exercise, work yourself out to exhaustion and there's no way you won't be able to sleep. I did that yesterday


This is why i go to bed early....
Hey lonelykoalabb, I know how you feel, I have a depression too and can feel very lonely sometimes. I've heard some good tips here; read a book or watch a movie that requires a lot of attention to take your mind of your loneliness.

Hang in there! Smile
Lonelykoalabb, I can relate to this, this is what I do at lonely feeling nights, I just watch comedy shows from iplayer and comedians makes me laugh so much that I forget about feeling lonely. I do watch comedy movies, it does help for me.

I hope this might help.