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Full Version: Nobody replies to my posts
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What's up? Don't quite fit into the hierachy of this site?

You people have made your mind up not to like me so that's that.

Yadder fucking yadder.
didn't you already do this crap once already?
Yeah and I'm doing it again if that's alright with you.
we have lives outside of here.


I have.
I sort of have a life outside ALL...
Isn't this the second thread you've made about this? Really... what can we really say about zits...
CAS, calm the fuck down. We're answering, but this forum isn't a chat room. If you want instant replies, go find a fucking chat or MSN buddy.
Allright you guys chill out. Remember that someone take "rejection" (or take things as rejection) very hard, I can see where CAS is coming from here..

CAS: These boards aren't super active. I myself have a threat somewhere with like 3 replies and no one has written in it in a long time. The people on this site (at least many of them) have many problems, and not everyone is super talkative on the boards. Remember this isn't a replacement for human interaction, is just a place you can write some and read some..

trZ - It's also about the fact that CAS creates threads about ridiculous (and often offensive) generalizations. I don't know what got his goat, but I haven't even been here long enough to be influenced by this "hierarchy" he referred to and even I don't get a good vibe from him.
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