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Full Version: Is there an academic explananation for luck, and why do I seem to have good luck?
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I've noticed that if I do something that's risky, I usually have a good chance at success.

I like to gamble a little, nothing too excessive, and I usually win. I seem to do very good on MMA fights, which have an uncertain outcome, and sports betting pools, like superbowl pools which are purely luck. I also seem to be pretty good at something like 5-Card-Draw Poker which is very much luck based. Now, obviously, I'd do terrible at more skill based games like Blackjack, Texas Hold-em and hardcore sports betting (something like basketball where you can bet on the spread) because I know nothing about those games.

I've also noticed I seem to come up pretty lucky in the end. I've worked on projects for school/work where it seemed like every step I took, every plan I had was falling apart. At the end I had to kind of wing everything -- and it somehow came out to be a success. There was even a time I almost failed out of a college class (a requirement for my major), but at the end I managed to get a B.

I'm also kind of a thrill-seeking dumbass, nothing hardcore like sky-diving or whatever, but I find the time to do stupid stunts in my urban environment. Anyways, I came out of those situations relatively fine. Where others would've gotten broken bones, I ended up with sprains. I'm not saying I'm superman because it seems that I'm accident prone, but I'm still lucky enough to not end up in casts. I almost dislocated the same arm twice within a month time frame (have been rehabing it recently which is helping), almost broke my jaw (I have a loose disc in there, but it beats a broken jaw), almost broke my left wrist a long time ago (fell on it, was a sprain, and it healed pretty well), and I've had some injuries that I should've gotten surgery on when I was a teenager -- but because I've lived with them for so long while playing sports, doctors are recommending I don't get any surgery. Sure, I'll never have an athletic career, but at least I'm not sitting on my ass.

Another time which I'm really lucky, and this is a lame example but I'll use it anyway, is in videogames. There's always that one boss who's hard to kill, and if he hits me one more time I'm dead. So I do that one do-or-die move and I win. It happens pretty frequently for me.

Aside from having "good luck," I also seem to perform very well in a high pressure situation. I remember I had to do a project for a class and I wrote a very promising proposal. I was talking to a friend of mine about it and I said, "This can either turn out to be very crappy or very awesome," and he said, "Make it very awesome." That put a lot of pressure on me...and it turned out to be a project I'm still proud of. Another time I remember is when I was really little. Now I'm not an athletic person, but I did play little league like almost all american males. Anyways, I was terrible at it, but I did have my moments. There was one time someone hit the ball, it was flying at my face and I caught it like nothing. And normally I had trouble stopping a grounder or a pop-fly. So wtf, that one moment where my teeth could've been knocked out or my nose broke, I managed to catch the ball.

Do I have good luck, or am I a huge egomaniac? If people can confirm me that I have good luck and perform better when put under pressure, I might be able to turn my life around. I've been playing it safe for too long, thinking that if I take these small, low-risk steps things will start going my way -- but that never fucking happens. Maybe if I start taking big risks I'll make big gains.
If there was an explanation for luck, it wouldn't be luck.
George Washington referred to it as the "Divine Hand of Provenance," more than once in his writings.

I tend to think I have that hand watching over me as well; whether it be God, Satan, Buddha, or WHOEVER.

Sometimes I'm just too lucky for my own good... but only when I really, really need it.

It's scary.
Maybe some things that work out for you would have worked out regardless. So maybe the odds weren't as stacked against you as you thought. I'm sure something things were clearly not in your favor and you pulled through none the less.

I think luck is very much a perceptual thing. You get a few wins and you think things are going well, so you forget that you forgot your keys that morning and was almost late for work, or that you stubbed your toe on your way out the door. People with good luck are just in a more positive frame of mind.


(11-02-2010, 11:28 AM)Badjedidude Wrote: [ -> ]George Washington referred to it as the "Divine Hand of Provenance," more than once in his writings.

I tend to think I have that hand watching over me as well; whether it be God, Satan, Buddha, or WHOEVER.

Sometimes I'm just too lucky for my own good... but only when I really, really need it.

It's scary.

The "hand' normally smacks me around, but in some risky situations it does help me. Maybe I should take more risks in life.
You have good luck, because when you created your character you put more of your skill points in luck. Hurr hurrr Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
^^^Hahaha... I like that. Toungue

^Fallout new vegas ehhh? Big Grin
^^^Not yet, unfortunately. Toungue I'm still catching up with some older titles at the moment. I tend to complete EVERY quest, get EVERY item, fight EVERY boss... and that takes TIME TIME TIME.

But eventually, yes indeed! WinkCool
I'm just the opposite - my motto should be 'If something can go wrong - it will !'
So many people have said they have never met anyone who has such bad luck as me !
If there were two people in a room having 100 go's at a raffle - I'd never win !

Sorry but I don't subscribe to the theory that you make your own luck - I'm a tryer, a worker, I don't give up easily and am always trying new things but I never win - never succeed at anything, businesses and relationships fail regularly - in fact I'm a real Jonah !!
not being depressive here, just saying it as it is.
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