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Full Version: heres my awkward introduction thread
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hey,i just found this place a few hours ago and i was reading a forum thread and thought alot of people sounded alot like me,you know like i can relate to alot of the people on here,so i had to make an account.
anyway i read the advice for new members thing or whatever it was called so i'll take its advice.
i live in oregon
i'm a few months from 18
and i'm a guy
i realize the advice was to just put that in my profile,but why make people click more than they have to?
plus i'm kinda drunk and i can't think of much else to say XD.
Welcome to the site.
Hi StoneDeadAlready Big Grin


Hi there, and welcome to the forum. Smile


Sounds like fun. Toungue

Welcome Smile.
hey stonedead Big Grin
thanks for the warm welcome everybodyBig Grin
Welcome to the site. Smile
hey and welcome
Hey and welcome Smile I'm 19 so not too far off your age! Hope you enjoy it here Big Grin