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Full Version: long time lurker, first time poster
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so I ripped my name off from a children's cartoon called the Brave Little Toaster about several household appliances who embark on a wonderful journey to find their owner again. It took me a long time to come up with a name but when I finally struck upon this one I was so impressed with myself that I decided to go with it. I also read that people enjoy cheekiness, so hopefully my name has had the desired effect.

I'm 22 years old and have been unemployed ever since I dropped out of school. I decided to make an account after I caught myself watching the Jerry Springer: stripper spectacular and knew I needed some kind of interaction with people to rescue me before I wound up watching something even worse.

Well, you may have noticed this already but I over analyse things. That is one of my many problems that prevent me from making friends. I hope I haven't bored you all. Thanks for hearing me out and I hope to make friends with you all.


over analyze things? hmm.. never thought of it, I do that too. Not sure if I speak out loud, but in my mind definitely. So. You're not alone there. Toungue

welcome here, hope you have a good time over here! and no we don't get bored that easily. :p
hey and welcome. i too over analyze and over think things so your not alone. also i like your name. i loved that movie when i was a kid.
Most awesomest name *ever*. Fun fact, in the movie when the TV is trying to use commercials to convince the owner to go to the junkyard to pick up the appliances that got sent there, he whips out a handful of photos and tosses them in the air. If you pause the show to see what they are, they're full of topless women.

The more you know...


Welcome, cool name also Toungue.
Howdy! I do like your name. It's creative, a play on words, and I imagine many of us could relate. The only thread I've ever made at this point was my new member thread, and I don't even know if anyone responded to it... Honestly, I never looked... I should do that...

The world is full of people that over analyze, you can always have too much of something, and thinking is one of them. So you'll fit right in. Keep being a brave little poster and get and gain some reputation! I'm still relatively new here myself, but I'm finding my way. So welcome, and I hope to see you around! Big Grin
Hi brave little poster Smile
That movie's pretty awesome. Welcome!
Hey, thanks for your replies. I'm glad to see that the name went over as well as it did. And now I must watch the move over again to see these topless women limlim is talking about. I guess that movie really does have something for the whole family!
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