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Full Version: Look, another forum I can join and then make only one post!
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Hey fellow lonely people. My name's Killer Magikarp if you couldn't tell. I live in Maryland, a state that can't decide whether it's North, South, Appalachia, or Coastal, so it mishmashes all those places into one mucky soup that is our state's culture. I'll be 19 in less than a month. I graduated high school a year and a half ago and am now attending the local community college.

All my life I've never had someone I could really call a close friend. I've had acquaintances. And someone actually visited my house once. But that's as far as I've ever got. I'm the most socially inept person I know, and that's not an exaggeration. I just came across this place and thought "hey, people like me". Which brings us to where I am now. So hi!

Tex Is Lost

Hello and Welcome.
make more than one post Smile


Welcome to the forum Smile


I go to school in D.C. Big Grin
hey and welcome
Hi Smile
hey. you beat the record - 4 times at least Toungue


welcome Smile
Welcome to the site. Smile
Thankies! Smile
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