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Full Version: Hi, I'm New Here
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Hi, I was laying in my bed earlier, lonely as usual, actually reading a book about loneliness. It dawned on me to search the internet for any forums about people dealing with loneliness and I found this. These days I don't even have connections on the internet anymore, they have all drifted away over time. I would love to meet some nice new people, that understand my predicament. I enjoy sports (soccer, nfl, bball), i enjoy art (drawing, painting), film (dramas, arthouse stuff, comedies) , music (indie, alternative, hip hop, reggae). I look forward to corresponding, Leo.
Welcome to the site Smile


What is the book on loneliness called?

Welcome to ALL. Big Grin
'lonely' by emily white
hey windowsill Big Grin
i have a look out for that book