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Full Version: Hello to All !
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Good day everyone !
I'm new here and my name is Tony as you can see from my U.N.
I am a 17 year old male from Massachusetts.

I decided to register after an epiphany that I am conflicting between wanting to spend my time alone with peace and quiet, vs. wanting to be more open and friendly with people. I find it easy to talk openly online, but I.R.L. it's debatable of whether I can talk or even want to. I am in general shy and my self esteem is low. But what really bothers me nowadays is that I am asexual, and uncomfortable coming to terms with it between myself and the people around me. Sometimes it's so hard to think about these things I end up isolating myself from others. After reading some posts here I hope to find my place in this forum and discover new things.

I apologize that this is such a long and weird introduction. I hope I haven't bored you all. Thanks for hearing me out and I hope to make friends with you all.



Hey and welcome. Smile


welcome Smile
Hi Tony Smile
Thanks a lot for the welcomes, after looking through some more posts its relaxing to know there are people I can relate to


Welcome Smile
Welcome to the site. Smile