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Full Version: Hello, another new member here...
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Hello everyone,

I'm 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, and I've come here for the same reason as many of you.

I've been feeling VERY depressed, sad, and lonely in the last year. My life is tiring and painful. I often watch all the happy people walking past me, and think about how they might act if they were in my shoes. Maybe they wouldn't be smiling. Maybe they wouldn't be laughing. Maybe they'd be the same depressing "drag" that I am.

I am a huge introvert, so a lot of the times I choose to be alone. But sometimes, I just wish the people around me would acknowledge that I even exist. But they're too busy with their own lives. They don't even have time to talk to an old friend- yeah, I used to be a lot more social.

In middle school, I had WAY more friends. I wasn't always picked last for everything. I wasn't so anti-social. I wasn't so sad all of the time.

I wasn't so lonely...

The only times I'm ever happy now, is when I'm with friends to cheer me up or make me laugh. But when left alone, I become a very sad, shy, depressing person.

I feel sometimes I can pinpoint the source of my loneliness/depression, but I'll save that for another thread.

It's a very hard thing to talk about. And that's why I'm here. Please help me.
Awww welcome to the site man, I was your age when I posted something similar on this site, that was 2 and a half years ago, the people here will help you, and I will too. We're here for you man.
Hi Cold Comfort. Welcome to ALL Smile
Thanks- I just need to vent/get advice somewhere. There isn't any physical person I know in real life I can talk to about this.
hello, welcome to the forum!

i can really relate to how you feel.. it's strange when you see so many people around you who are happy and enjoying themselves and it's just like... "why cant i be happy too? why cant i find someone to have fun with?"

it's definitely tough. are there any extracurricular activities at your school that you could join that you might be interested in? when I was in high school i joined the journalism club, and though i didnt really make any friends, it felt good to work as a team on a project :)

best of luck to you, i hope you find happiness soon!


hi, welcome Smile