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Full Version: Hello everyone
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Hello thereSad

I finally decided to register here, for I think it's the only place I can tell how I feel, since I don't have anyone that will listen. Or care.
Right now, I'm really depressed and I just feel that I'm in a room, where the walls are closing in untill they'll crash me.

I'm actually a very funny and social person, but these last months I discovered that I just don't like being around people anymore. I bet it's because I am so alone and forgotten... I can joke, I can be crazy, I can be serious when it's needed, I am honest and I can be a true friend.
My life has always been full of shit.

True happines? What is that?
I wish I'd knew the answer... Sad

Welcome. I am glad you joined us.
(11-24-2010, 08:40 AM)Minus Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome. I am glad you joined us.

Thank you*

hey wanderingartist Big Grin
Hi WanderingArtist Smile

My name is Nancy and I am new here, its my pleasure to join this community to find some information and good friends here.



Christ on a crutch....how many times do I have to ban you, Spammer???


Hi, wanderingartist, and welcome. Smile
Thanks and hello to all of you^^ *waves*


Hey there! Big Grin
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