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Full Version: Hi everyone :)
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I am a third year Psychology student at Newcastle University and am currently starting a research project about facebook usage and why this social network has become more popular. I need a wide variety of people to take part in it and so was wondering if anyone on this group would be interested in taking part. It will take maximum 10 mins and is all online- the link is:
Thank you, it would be a massive help to my research as I need as many people as possible!
If you have any other questions please feel free to email me; the email is at the end of the questionnaire
I Fliss Smile You might want to check out couch surfing too. It's where total strangers from all over the world invite people to stay with them. A lot of them communicate through the site in various groups. I thought that was cool. As far as face book, I don't have a lot of friends on there so I seldom use it. Goodluck on your research.


I took your questionare. I hope I can see the results of the study once you're done with it. Smile
hey fliss06 Big Grin
i have took your quiz Smile
thank you so much! I am finding the results so interesting so far, I wont be finished until April next year but I will let you know how it turns out!
do any of you guys possibly know anywhere else I could publish this questionnaire to get a similar sample of shy or lonely people?
Thanks for your help


cool survey fliss, I love psychology and I'm thinking of minoring in psyche

Tex Is Lost

....took your poll.....now i'm depressed......then went and looked at my facebook account.......now more depressed.........