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I'm new here and found this through Google.

I am early 30s, male, moved to London (UK) from Cambridge in September 2009. It would be fair to say I have been finding it difficult down here as, although it wouldn't be true to say I know no-one, I know very little people. Possibilities of getting to know people are frequently very expensive (evening classes here are unaffordable) and since much of UK social life revolves around alcohol, other possibilities involve spening stupid sums of money down the pub. Sometimes you can feel as if you may as well stand by a toilet and flush your money down it. The loneliness can be particularly down heartening sometimes.

I have varied interests, such as following current affairs, photography, enjoying being outside whenever I can and when the weather alllows, the cinema (especially arty, foreign films), travel, other languages and cultures and other things too.

Just looking for people to chat to, really.

All the best

Hello CDN7.
Welcome. There are many people here with varied interests also. Make yourself at home Smile


hey cdn7.
I consider myself an amateur photographer, love all the aspects of getting the perfect shot. I'm not a genius with a camera (maybe I would be with the camera of my dreams..lol), but I have a lot of great shots.
Come on in and get comfy Smile
Welcome to the site. Smile


hi there! *waves*
cdn7 -- Welcome mate! Cheers, LG:-)
hey cdn7 Big Grin


Hey there and welcome. Smile
Hi cdn7 Smile