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Hi everybody Ive been reading these threads for awhile but have never written anything sooo here it goes..
I am a 20 year old college student at a large public university. Im into my third year of school and have hardly made any friends. I had sooo many really close friends in high school and I miss them so much. It seems like they have all made other friends at their schools. Im a totally normal girl. Im in a sorority, I do normal college stuff, And i know i have a regular personality because I had so many friends in high school. I was popular with guys and girls in high school. but then I went to college and that all changed. I hardly know any guys here and I have only one girl friend.
I get so sad some times when I realize how lonely I am here. There are so many nights when I just sit by myself because i have nothing else to do. I cry to myself because I feel like theres nothing I can do to make friends. Ive tried everythinggggg. Ive been at this school for two and a half years...ive done the joining clubs thing.. that doesnt actually work for making friends. I live in a house with 30 other girls and I still feel like an outsider.
I have a boyfriend but hes graduating soon and im so scared of how my life will be when hes gone. Im actually afraid of sitting in my room all day eveyr day with nothing to do. I miss having girl friends so much its killing me. Close connections with people are so important to me and i havent been able to make any here at college. What is wrong with me... It seems like everyone else at this school has huge group of friends. I have no one to call when i want to go out on the weekends.
what am i doing so wrong? and why has this been so hard for me when it was so easy in high school? please help me, im so sad.

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you find something good here.

If you haven't found it already, here's the link for the chat room:


PM a moderator when you get there so they can make you a member, then change your chat name. (the one assigned is always goofy)

Again, welcome
Welcome. Do go to chat. You will find some really nice people there. Glad your here.


Hiya Smile
Hi AloneAgain

Sounds like you have your girl friend and your boyfriend, why worry about having a huge group of friends? Sometimes having a few people close to you is better IMO. All of my friends are now either or have been married and they all have kids. We still keep in touch thanks to Facebook (that evil website lol). Just try to be happy with what you do have, don't look at the past and feel sad because you miss your friends, be happy you met them and had the fun you did. Someday it may come all back around.

Our lives take detours that lead us down different paths, eventually if we are lucky those paths intersect at some point. We always have our fond memories to look back on in the rear view as we continue forward in life and focus on the future.


Sci Fi we all have different amounts of socialization we need in order to not feel lonely.

Alone Again, maybe you have issues with your self esteem. Anyways, welcome to ALL. Smile
Hi AloneAgain Smile


*hugs alone again*

college is rough and it can be a very lonely place, even though it's hard, I've found that approaching people is the best way, other people are nervous too so you have to be the one to introduce yourself to other people, the cafeteria or quad is a great place to do this. Sometimes you won't connect with them, but you never know I met a good friend of mine, by just sitting down next to her in the caf

what are you studying?
also even though it sucks to be alone, it's a great oppritunity to focus on yourself, if you don't want to sit alone in your room all night go to the gym and work at or go to the book store, I spent many a friday nights at the gym or bookstore, reading books and drinking free water, ah alright times, they seem now

also excersie is a great anti depressant because it releases endorphins that make you feel better.

dedicate your time to an hobby or learning a new skill sucj as instrument art or new language,

also I'd recamened meetup.com

it's a really cool places

I hope things get better


hey aloneagain Big Grin
college is hard to find friends.. i am guessing that you have classes with people.. why dont you ask for their help with coursework (even you dont need help, make one up Smile), that get you talking with others and might have good chance to make good friends.