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Full Version: Re-regesiter FYI
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Queenbaby a/k/a Jicky!!!!!! I downloaded foxfire for the spell check and I couldn't quite get it to work right so I uninstalled foxfire and download Internet Explorer!!!! Well, needless to say it got rid of all my passwords and some other things and then I could [/b]not get back in here under Jicky-ugh-duh. Even tho they send me codes to enter under the Jicky name-nothing worked.[b]



re-welcomeBig Grin
Thank you funny Callie for your welcome... lol
Dam, sorry Jicky, I was trying to be helpful but it looks like I just caused you a bunch of frustration.


hi Jicky! Big Grin again. Toungue
Welcome to the site again. Toungue
Try Google Chrome http://www.google.com/chrome

The spell check works automatically. You don't need to change any settings Smile
You know Ancient Bard after I posted that reply I thought you might blame yourself which is not the case. Some times my brain gets aldded(most time lol). You tried to help and I so appreciated that very much. It was on me. And thanks to the rest of you guys for the warm re-welcome-if there is such a phrase...Punisher I stay far away from Google because they have promised the gov't (US) that for the next 5 years they will turn over all the Googled searches from their site and that kinda turned me against them. I don't search anything questionable but just the idea Big Brother is looking at it citizens in another light and I don't like it. Sorry for the rampage. Maybe you being in the UK it won't effect you-hope not anyway.


Get a forum moderator to change the password for you.
hey queenwindbaby/jicky Big Grin