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Full Version: Hello.
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I'm Noel.

I've spent most of my life alone - very few friends, no real family. My primary relationships have been with my lovers. As an always awkward/contrary and more recently politically radical/outspoken person especially, it's been difficult to find companionship outside of that context.

I'm here because I googled "lonely", and found this place. I don't expect anything necessarily life-changing to happen, but I am glad to be here and interested to learn of others' stories and struggles with loneliness.

That's it for now.

Your freedom extends as far as your courage
- Noel.
Welcome to the site Smile


hi Noel. I think your username is very pretty. Welcome to the forum Smile
Thanks to both of you. Smile
Hi Noel Smile

All In The Mind

Merry Christmas!


Hi Noel
hey noel Big Grin