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Full Version: Hello! .....again.
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I came here exactly a year ago. Never really posted here or anything.
I found a different forum I went to to help people and make em happy (that's what I try and do with my life these days) a short while later and kinda forgot! Made a lotta friends there, some local. Big Grin

So not so lonely anymore myself. Still am sometimes....even when I'm around many people. But thought I'd come around anyway, especially cuz I remember how bad it was, and if i been making a difference for people elsewhere, maybe here too!


Hey we'd love to have a person like you here Big Grin

Welcome to ALL. Smile
Hello! Welcome back...it's a joy to share happiness...karmalicious! LG:-)
Hello Smile Good to see you made it back!
hey malrk Big Grin


howdy Smile
Welcome back. Has it been a year? For some reason i still remember your username.
Yep, It's been a year! XD
Thanks for the welcome, once again. Big Grin
Welcome back. Smile
Hi Malrk, and welcome back Smile