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well... just found this site and well... why not?

first of all letme apologize if i say or dont say things properly, its been a while since i actually talked with someone, about anything other than ocasional MMO chit-chat

ok, with that out of the way, well what can i say?...

mmm... im male 31 years old, and i havent left home for about 2 years, before that it was like 5 years, but a couple years ago i actually tryed to "go back to society", but after about a year or so of therapy and medication nothing... it was getting too expensive and from my point of view worthless, so i ended both...

i still live with my mother, BUT IM NOT A PARASITE, i own a house wich i have for rent to pay for my most basic needs (room/food/internet/cigarretes).

mmm... well theres not much (or any) i still find enjoyable enough to call a hooby. i dunno what else to say so...so thats is for now

Tex Is Lost

Nice to see you here


Great to see you here. Welcome Smile
hey nospheratu Big Grin
Hi Nospheratu Smile
hey man welcome Smile
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the forums.