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Full Version: 5 songs you are listening to over and over again right now...
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this may just be me but i go through phases where i listen to certain songs atleast once or twice a day for awhile. then again i do tend to run stuff into the ground. aaanyway... right now my top 5 are:

fear factory - archetype
fear factory - replica
dream theater - pull me under
dream theater - panic attack
tool - 46 & 2
'Sputnik' by Sidney Owens & North, South Connection -- cannot get this out of my head.
Michael Jackson Another Day and Behind the Mask, and Fightstar Floods.
Eminem is favorite singer.. and i just love to hear his songs..
Mine here.
Seasons Unite
El Norra Alila
Disciples of the Sacred Oath
Ocean Land
Beloved's Cry
In This Moment - Violet Skies
Orianthi - According To You
Metric - Combat Baby
Tegan And Sara - The Con
Big Country - In A Big Country

Tex Is Lost

Bugger Off- The Real McKenzies
The Spicy McHaggis Jig- Dropkick Murphys
Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison
Werewolves of London- Warren Zevon
Fly Me Away- Annie Little
for some reason i'm in a metallica phase right now, but i'm sure that will change over to something else soon. i'll probably enter a totally non-metal phase next.

fade to black
nothing else matters
jump in the fire
angry again (not metallica!)
its already changed a little for me. now its:

archetype by fear factory
final exit by fear factory
schism by tool
46 & 2 by tool
falling down by 40 below summer
i like this thread topic Smile

i hope this won't be considered spamming.

lol this song and video XD

it'll be great if you guys post links too Smile if you're not too lazy Toungue
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