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Full Version: hi everyone!
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Hey guys,

Just joined this site literally minutes ago..
I'm in college, about to turn 20 next month. I live in an apartment with three social butterflies who are never around and tend to keep to myself most of the time. I go probably far too long without any human contact so I thought this website would provide me with at least some interesting conversations. Hope to get to know a lot of you, feel free to message me or whatever!

cheers Smile
Hi Kirsten! Smile
Hi Kirsten Smile

(01-17-2011, 12:04 PM)kirsten Wrote: [ -> ]I go probably far too long without any human contact

Human contact? What is this "human contact" you speak of?

Jk Toungue


hey kirsten welcome to the forum

I'm also in college what are you studying?

my roomate last year was pretty social,

what do your roomates do when they go out?

you could maybe ask to join them, I'm sure they wouldn't mind

My roomate would always go to bars and such, I went out with her and a few of her friends one time but we just spent over an hour walking from place to place looking for a kegger, and I got bored so i came back to the dorm, and i watched will and grace and played the guitar, it was much better
hey kirsten Big Grin
Kirsten -- Hello and Welcome! LG:-)
Welcome Kirsten


Hey kirsten Smile