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Good evening, everyone.

I'm a bit new to this, so please bear with me as I make my desperate attempt to try to understand the inner-workings of this whole online forum thing. At the moment, I'm slightly clueless as to how I do just about anything on here, but I'm sure I'll learn in time.

I'm new here, as anyone with half an intellect could easily speculate, and to be honest I feel quite shy and a little awkward, but I'm sure that'll dissipate with time. I came here to this forum with hopes of meeting like-minded people who are capable of a mature vocalization and can (possibly) relate to my dark, cynical perspective on some matters.

A little about who I am: English is NOT my first language, nor is it my second, so please pardon any spelling or grammatical errors I may make. I'm a writer of short stories, my main areas of expertise are horror or fantasy, though I sometimes will throw in a romantic flare for good measure. I love to practice altruism (everyone has the right to remain skeptical), and I love to travel, I love to take long walks, I love to read, and I love not knowing a synonym to the word love. !WARNING! I can be QUITE the smartass. I don't mean any offense by my seemingly endless array of sarcasm I'm capable of dishing out.

Well, I suppose that's enough for the moment. I'm dreadfully sorry for cramming all those words down people's throats. Ultimately, I hope to meet a lot of interesting people here, and mayhap I will be able to relate, more or less.

I can't say I'm expecting too much, but I'll keep my hopes up. I have to. After all, it's a lonely world out there.
Hello. What is your first language?
Spanish. I appreciate you're greeting. I honestly didn't expect a reply so fast, and so late in the evening. So, I thank you!
(01-20-2011, 01:59 PM)F L A G G Wrote: [ -> ]Spanish. I appreciate you're greeting. I honestly didn't expect a reply so fast, and so late in the evening. So, I thank you!

I am heading to bed soon. What's you second language?
Sign Language. I'm curious why you (or anyone else for that matter) would wish to inquire something so . . . -scratches head- something in such low caliber? So mundane? I don't know a word that fits there. :S My apologies on behalf of my poor vocalization skills. I'm also a bit young, if that gives you an idea as to why I'm expressing so much inanity. But I sincerely appreciate you talking to me, and welcome although doubtless undesigned. In any case, I bid you good night. Thank you again, for your time.
Hello F L A G G! Welcome to ALL! I'm sure you'll pick up forums skills very quickly. If you have any questions about how the board operates you can PM the Mods. I'd be happy to help you, too. A good start is to fill out your profile with as much as you're willing to share. Don't forget there's a chat room, too. If you have a special topic of interest you can open a new thread and you can set up polls. Enjoy! LG:-)
Thank you for that informative reply, LGH! It's much appreciated! Yes, I'll be sure to fill out my profile as soon as possible! Thanks again for the warm welcome!
Welcome to the site. Smile
Hey Flagg!
Welcome! Im also new and my first language is also Spanish Smile
Hey there. You're doing really fine, really colorful use of language there. Can't see you running into trouble on that front. A Stephen King fan, maybe? Just a thought, on account of your username and taste for horror.

Welcome and hope you enjoy your stay, and find what you seek on the forums, eh?
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