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Hi all,

Decided to join in after reading some posts after having randomly searched for the word "lonely" on google . I read from one of the thread (forgot which) that it's good to practise becoming yourself even on the net. So I figured, what better place to start than a forum like this?

Having said that, I'm not actually sure what kind of person my real self is. So I'll start with the facts.

I am 19 years old and feeling like I've only been living half of my years. My pastime is spent on the net, TV, playing video games and watching anime. Social life is very, very lacking IMO, since I've skipped school since high school and isolated myself from friends.

In any case, a few years down the road I've realised my mistake and now I have to pay the price by struggling with loneliness, low self-esteem and not knowing what to say most of the time in social situations. I just feel lost, like I have no place in this world except for my own little home. Figures, since never ventured out to find it for myself. (hmm, need to stop this self-pity thing too)

So yeah, I'm starting college soon and getting quite nervous on being thrust into the big bad world. My lack of social skills is a worry as well as my insecurity about my spoken English (I moved from an Asian country to an English-speaking one) I find myself wishing that I have a circle of friends that are able to support me one way or another as I struggle to "toughen up" and become a more confident and able person. I hope you'll be kind enough to help me and that I may also be of help to other members =)

Was thinking of writing more about my life story, but...I'll take it one step at a time. For now, a short(ish) introduction.

I tend to babble on and get carried away into different topics but I'll try to behave and stop myself Toungue
Hi, welcome to the forums.

19 eh...you haven't been living half your life your just starting your life! Don't be so hard on yourself. You've realized your mistakes, that's good, not sure what the mistakes are but being aware of them is a good start. You sound like a lot of people your age, tv, video games, etc, we're so caught up in this digital age where we can communicate with people on the internet through facebook, online games, instant messengers, text messaging, we've forgotten to stop and smell the roses. Put down the controller and go for a walk, find places where people go to socialize that might fit into your interests.

I wouldn't worry about your spoken english too much, people with accents are cool to talk to. Unless you get easily offended if someone corrects you or chuckles. There's this guy in my works sister company that is Italian, he always gets ribbed on his english but he just laughs it off. He once told us that when he moved to Canada he couldn't speak any english. I popped up and said "what do you mean, you still can't speak english." He and everyone else laughed, he did give me a dirty look like he was going to fit me for cement shoes (seriously he's threatened that before, joking of course...I think...lol).

The less you worry about things the easy they are to deal with. Don't worry about babbling on, you'll find a lot of people do that on here.


G'day Big Grin
Hello Smtdds and welcome to the forum.

Hope you enjoy your stay here and make some friends , good luck and take care.


Welcome to the site Smile
hey and welcome
(02-11-2011, 02:48 AM)smtdds Wrote: [ -> ]My lack of social skills is a worry as well as my insecurity about my spoken English (I moved from an Asian country to an English-speaking one)
Me, too. And welcome. Smile

hey smtdds Big Grin