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Hello every one, I'm Kat 37 and from Canada For the past 2 years I have distanced my self from most friends. Well most of them I never talk to them daily and would only see them when I went to parties, my only close friends have moved out of the country or have moved far from the city.

I'm not working and live with my mom, and I hate going outside because I have gain weight and feel ugly and think people are judging me. I wear ugly same few pairs of jeans and T shirts. I have so many new and beautiful clothes that I can't fit into.

I am so bored and lonely, all I do is sit in front of the computer and check facebook and post video's and comments which sometimes I go back and remove them feeling stupid and a loser. I want to find a job and find a boyfriend but I don't feel ready. How can I love some one if I don't love my self. I try to get healthy and workout but I lose motivation sometime.

I have a friend that I see sometimes, but she never wants to come over, she and her husband invite me over to their house if they have party or they want help with something. I have asked them so many times if they want to go for a walk with our dogs (I used to have a dog but had to give him away) but no always "busey".

Anyways so that's me, sorry for long postRolleyes[/size][/font]
Hi 00Kitty00
Maybe you could join a group in your city, like a reading group or something or get into n exercise group at your local YMCA. The you could find people to be social with and get fit at the same time. I hope things start to get better for you. Smile
Welcome to the site Kat. It is nice of you to join us.
Thanks, nice to be welcomed Smile
hey kat Big Grin
Welcome to the site. Smile
What part of Canada are you from? Toronto is one of my favorite cities.
Welcome and nice to meet you!



Welcome to all Smile


G'day Big Grin