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Full Version: How can i get true friend!!!
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Hi,i am Daniel 23 year old guy 4rm Ghana(west africa).I am a christian and single.I am a junior high school graduate and i am now unemployed due 2 lack of jobs mostly 4 the youth in Ghana.It's my desire 2 have a true penpal male or female around the world(email or snailmail penpal).And i have just received several mails 4rm people and have found that they are all fake(scamers).How can i get a true friend?
Welcome Smile I'm not sure about all that. I think you when you don't pay attention you may have missed an opportunity at friendship. Keep your eyes open I'm sure you'll find someone.
Hey danny, i can be your penpal buddy. Im currently new to this place too, and also looking for real penpal friend who are willingly to be friends with me. Please dont hesitate to reply me.

Krytel G.