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Full Version: New person.
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Hello. I am Shawna. I am female, 20, and I have a list of problems as long as my leg. I will probably be alone forever.

I am autistic (High Functioning). I have prosopagnosia (I can't remember people's faces. I haven't told people close to me. They assume after a while I remember their face and name but really I sometimes remember how they move or tend to dress. Or maybe how they talk. Sometimes. It takes months to get to that point.). I am asexual but not aromantic. I am not very friendly just because I don't act right.

I am just about as alone as it gets.


welcome (HUG)
I'm sure this is place will bring you some joy. Cheer up, and welcome Shawna!


G'day Big Grin


Hi Shawna. welcome Smile


Hi Shawna, welcome Smile We got some things in common :p
Hey Shawna! Welcome to the forums. Big Grin
Welcome Shawna Smile I hope this place can make you feel less alone!
Hi Shawna, I'm new too. Sounds like you have a tough life but we all do in some ways