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Full Version: Lonely Soldier and fine with it
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I am 22 years of age, I am an Infantryman in the United States Army. I love my job, and I hate it too.

I would say I am lonely and most of the time I am fine with that. I have always been this way. My problem is I don't let people know that I enjoy just being alone. I come off as the guy everybody likes. I have always been told my whole life that I will go far because people just like me. This has been true so far in my short life, certain things are easier because people like me. This isn't just a natural thing, I have a gift of reading people and knowing what to say and do. I am still sincere though.

I love love love things like this, I love conversation. I love talking about things debating, sharing wisdom and making friends that I will most likely never meet. This is my first time being honest to myself and saying its okay to just do this, have friends on the internet. If you know of any other good message boards like this let me know.

My job in the Army is Infantry, I am in a stryker brigade. I am a M249 gunner (SAW) on the line, I love this weapon. I am good at my job because I am put everything I have into anything I do.

I am stationed in Washington and my home is in North Carolina. Recently I had a girl back home, a girl of 3 years. Things were amazing through basic training and my first couple of months. (So I thought) While I was in basic training, she encountered problems, failed out of school and didnt want her parents to know. I still had 4 months left on my lease, I lived with two of my life long best friends. We had been through everything and never done each other wrong. I sent a letter to her from basic letting her know that she could stay in my room until we could work something out when I got out of basic. All through basic I never had one worry, those guys she live with were my boys, I just knew they would never do/try anything. Basic passed I moved here to Washington, I still never thought anything about her living there. About two months ago things started to burn, I got a call from my neighbor back home, a friend from high school. She said this isn't my place to say anything but your a soldier deploying in eight months. She told me that not only had my girlfriend slept with one of my friends but both of them. I didn't believe it so i just let it go, then one night i asked her about it she got mad I asked. My skills kicked in, she went on the defense so I knew she was lying. A week later she admitted to it.

This is an on going thing in my life, betrayed by people.

I love music before the Army I worked a decent job at a fabric shop and played in a locally known band.

I hope to make good conversation and friends through all of this.

I'm sorry about your girlfriend and your friends betraying you. There are plenty of people here that would be willing to talk (including me). I hope things improve for you.
(04-30-2011, 08:44 PM)Im Fine Wrote: [ -> ]Hi.

I'm sorry about your girlfriend and your friends betraying you. There are plenty of people here that would be willing to talk (including me). I hope things improve for you.

Thanks, It helps that in my job betrayal is rare.
and needless to say she is my ex-girlfriend now ha

Heya, and welcome to ALL, Lonely Soldier. Can't say much about human relations, myself, since I got a knack for shooing people off. Still, damn shame to have a whole lot of important folks in your life stick a knife in your back like that. You have my sympathy. Sad

At any rate, I'm hoping you'll find folks to talk to on ALL and enjoy some peer support for your loneliness. Even if trusting folks might seem damn near impossible after going through all that. Still, nothing to stop a fella from trying. First you try, then you trust, and so forth. Best of luck.
Welcome to the site, bro.

You mentioned being deployed... did you mean to your duty station right now or have you been downrange?

Either way, thanks for your service, man. Keep your head up.
(05-01-2011, 04:10 PM)Badjedidude Wrote: [ -> ]...Keep your head up.

Not really the sort of advice I'd give to a soldier. Toungue Chin, yes. Head, no.


G'day Big Grin