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Full Version: Somehow i stumbled here and decide to stay awhile
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Hi there everyone
I wonder why such a short period of browsing in the net
can lead you to awesome place and forums ;P

To start with,
I'm going to be 17 in this year
I live in Australia currently even though i was born in
Purpose on coming here is mainly for education
I don't have any particular hobbies but
I'm interested in a lot of stuff, therefore i learned
a lots of things but only on mediocre level

Not actually that lonely but it's kind of nice to be
able to know lots of other people and socialize with them
I think my issue is that i'm kind of lost what path is the present
leading me to
i hope it's more of a 'present' than punishment Smile

that's all for the moment
nice to meet you people

p.s: i'm a guy =P
Welcome to the site Smile
Hi to you too
good to know that someone does reply here
Hi! Welcome to the Forum, FakeBl0cks! I am glad you stumbled her! I, actually, didn't come here for loneliness either. I was bored and Google Searched "Bored", without results I liked so did one on Loneliness. I am so happy I found this place. There are a lot of nice people here. You may ask opinions and give them, play games, and make friends to Private Message. I have been a member since the beginning of January and visit the site every day! I hope you like it and stay! Smile
@Wishing well:
Might as well stay here longer as i've stumbled here
what you said is indeed true
lots of nice people here from just looking around the forum
I'll ask opinions tomorrow then...
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Big Grin


G'day Big Grin


Come here because you are lost, leave with great friends. Wink that's ALL for you.
@Poguesy: G'day to you too Big Grin

@Sophia: when i get great friends here,
why bother to leave? ;P

thanks for the additional welcome guys =)
Hi everybody Smile
I have been awfully lonely since my divorce. I have no friends and my life revolved around him so now I have nothing (what a big mistake that was)

Hopefully I will make some new friends here.