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Full Version: Pigeon Holes.
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Hello All.
Do you think we are all pigeon holed, as in you must be this or that,one or the other?
If you go to the doctor with a problem,you have this or that when you have neither.
"Is it up or down" when you wan,t to be somewhere in the middle,rich or poor when you just wan't to live YOUR life?
Or is the idealist in me not dead yet?
I don't feel that way but I know people who are "pigeon holed" and it bugs me. A little off topic of what you have described but I know a guy who has a learning disability, I forget what the term is but his brain processes certain things backwards. People said he'd never be able to do this or that and (I blame his parents) just let it be his excuse all through school and growing up. I know he's capable of doing more or better if he was just encouraged. Or if his parents worked with him or tired harder. Myself, when he's spelled things wrong, I've told him to think about it, how the word sounds and is used and he is usually able to figure it out. I've listened to his dad complain about how he's been pigeon holed since birth, how he gets stuck in certain programs or in groups because of it. I bite my tongue because I don't want to say anything, but to me if they rejected it and worked with him then he wouldn't have been as much.

To answer your question though, I say no. For those of us who get to live a so called normal life. In my experience it's the person who lets themselves be pigeon holed. Be it from a poor neighbourhood, having a disability, or a strict family. Like the guy I described above, so capable of doing so much more than what is expected of him, and people I know who have disabilities who refuse to let it dictate their life. They still do what they want to do or try their best because they don't want it to be an excuse to hold them back, to be pigeon holed.
Thanks for replying Sci- Fi.
I had a friend like that,he's two weeks younger than me, in the fifties at school he was treated as if he were retarded,he still has trouble reading and writing but in these "enlightened times" I found out through his anger and frustration that he was just dyslectic.
He was put in the wrong box by his parents and teachers and as a result a very intelligent person was turned into a very independent but very self centred man.
Who could blame him, he was put into the wrong pigeon hole.
Regards John.
Aren't we all, really? I mean, it's human nature to try to categorize, and sort, and separate for some strange reason. But I agree with Sci-Fi, we let this happen to ourselves. People try to categorize us, and we accept it. It takes the individual to break out of that box and be proud to simply be a living individual.
first thing i thought of when i read Pigeon holes was the back end of a pigeon.
never heard of it to be honest Toungue

a person is a person and were all different.
a label or a Pigeon hole is just a heads up of what to expect.
up to you to find out the rest.

if no one makes the effort to look any further id call that more of a people problem.
were all to bizzy or cant be bothered to look into the box and see whos in it it seems.
or to arrogant or maybe scared ?? i dono why actually.

lable it and put it in the hole..

aaa i get it were just tidying up Big Grin


G'day Big Grin