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Full Version: I just realised something!
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Hi guys!

Okay this is like weird, cos it's late, but I realised that I didn't introduce myself on here when I got registered to this forum. Lol, so I'll just do a quick one.

I just turned 19 and I had terrible mood swings on my birthday. I've been having a rough time since last year and it hasn't gotten any better but I'm still hopeful and thinking positive.

I come from a very mixed family background in terms of race and religion, yes, I have brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles with different beliefs. There were difficult times but we've all managed harmony. So that makes me a very neutral, anti-racial person.

I was a nerd in school, then later in secondary school I was just one of the normal-unknown people. And now, I don't seem to have a life to enjoy. But, I am still a student, almost graduating to go on for some teacher training. I'm gonna be a teacher sometime later and I've done some teaching internship job and it was good.

And I'm here! Big Grin This is where I pass my boredom by.
Happy to meet you all. *waves*


hiya mink. happy 2 meet u2. haha i cum from da united nations i always say. its a wonderful way 2 grow up i think. have a good time here Smile


Lol Big Grin thank you


no prob Smile
Hi Mink, and welcome to the forum.Smile


Thank you, Blue Sky! Smile