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Full Version: are you hearing the silence?
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like you are the only person alive,the one and the last,like the world is empty,not in a sad way,but in a very elegant,noble way
when you are alone,no single breath of a human being,to me
that is the real happiness

i did not say hi,because i dont like greeting,i dont like this stupid first hole in this lovely wall between me and human race

aim lonely,and yes iam celebrating my loneliness,i hope iam not in the wrong place

The world is not silent - not to me. It's full of chattering chipmunks going about their daily lives, intent upon themselves with never a thought spared for anyone else. Sometimes I wish the noise would stop but I know that wouldn't be enough. I'd still have the noise inside my head. Now if I could silence THAT...

Truly I tell you that the times when my head is quiet are the only moments of peace that I've known. Sadly they are all too brief. I, too, hope that you are not in the wrong place.