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Full Version: another hi thread
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still not sure what i should say here, but i thought it would be nice to say hello.
i have some kind of mental disorder (nothing specified or too serious to give me a prescription paper) which constantly dragging me from having a normal social life.
today i was supposed to go out with friend, my only one which i haven't seen for about half year. and yet, once again i found an excuse to stay at home. protected from the shame to show myself outside of these 4 walls.
every time i tell myself it has to stop, and yet year after year i find myself in exact same position, slowly aging and missing the life i should have had by now.

You say that you have some kind of mental disorder but nothing specified or serious. Have you been to a doctor? Did they not give you more information that that??

Could your friend not visit you at home, if going out is the problem? Or is it the thought of seeing someone that's stopping you?

Oh and Hi.
Hey Negativo,

First of all, let me suggest that you not refer to yourself in such a negative fashion. Believe me, I've done the same, and will do it again, but people really don't like to hear that kind of thing, not even people like me who are down on themselves much of the time. And let me say that I do love myself, I think I'm pretty damned awesome, and that you'd be hard pressed to find somebody like me, I just wish other folks could see the same in me. I'm guessing you're the same right? You know that you have something to share, you just can't figure out how to do it? You're doing it by being on this site, we're here for you. When people try to fill me up with positivity, I just want to punch them in the face, and if you want to, go for it. I'm a big dude, I won't even wince.
Hi, I don't like your username, nothing you've said so far makes you seem like a creep. Try not to be negative, it's all a frame of mind, one that's hard to get out of sometimes.