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Full Version: I Want Out!
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Just be honest with him. Do not prolong the agony. I'm sure he somehow feels it too, or he can see - that you're already losing interest on him. There's no easy way to break somebody's heart (It's a song actually, but I believe it's true), whatever method you use, it will hurt if the person you're breaking up with still loves you. It's just better to be honest with him, and how he'll face it is already up to him, that's life. Maybe he needs it, to be better and stronger. And given the descriptions you shared to us about him, yeah I think it's scary to have a future family with him. And I am also afraid for you when you finally break it to him, I don't know but I'm afraid he might hurt you - so be extra careful.
Gotcha! Trust me, I am positive I won't have to go through any of this ever again Smile
God I was so young and stupid lol
Sounds like you can certainly do better. Don't feel bad though, there are so so many people who fall for the misguided with no future, both men and women. It's a shame that some people never see that though, never realize they could have a better more successful, have a more fulfilling time, better partner, a better life...

A partner can sometimes weigh a person down and that's not what a relationship is about, it's about empowering each other to succeed and enjoy life together while we can.

We only get one shot (according to my philosophy), so let's make the best of things for ourselves, sometimes a relationship just doesn't work and can be detrimental to your own path in life. Good luck with it.
(05-09-2019, 01:44 AM)XspydurX Wrote: [ -> ]God I was so young and stupid lol

We're all young and stupid... Until we're old and stupid... 😁

... Hopefully a little less so.
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