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Hey everyone,

I came across this message board on a random search and have been poking around as a guest for awhile but I finally decided to sign up.

A little about me, I'm a 27 year old female from Wisconsin. I'm a bartender at a local bar. I enjoy video games, horror movies (hence the screen name), and am into body modifactions (piercings/tattoos). I wouldn't really say I live a lonely life since I am a pretty social person (it is kind of my job to be social) but I have gone through some tough relationships and my friends just got into their own relationships so I am feeling like the third wheel. Plus I am a big night person and am usually up late resulting in the feeling of extreme loneliness and boredom. So here I am hoping I can make some good online friends. So this is my shot at it.


G'day Big Grin
Welcome to the Forum Smile
Thanks guys!


Hi Big Grin
Welcome Dollface, I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Bob Arctor

Right off the bat, I love your username and avi Smile
Hi and welcome Doll!
Welcome to the site.

Lonely in BC

Another cool forum name- welcome.

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